Nutrition with a plan!

The brand new LIFELINE nutrition concept supports fit and healthy aging

  • age-appropriate diet

  • ideal for everyday eating plan

  • absolute guarantee of success

  • manifold tastes

  • only water needed for preparation

  • as complete system and as builder system

  • simple and easy handling


Fit and healthy in advanced age

We get older, fewer and more colorful. That is the resumee of the demographic changes
in Germany1 according to futurologist Matthias Horx. At the same time, the amount of
over-80ies will triple by 2050 due to higher life expectancy.

Already, the group of the old aged (75+) have the highest demand of care. With advancing age the body
functions are changing. The digestive and immune systems get weaker, appetite and eating habits fade,
daily fluid requirement increases. Chewing and swallowing difficulties and age-related diseases occur
as well as sensory perception (taste, see, smell) decreases.
This is, where LIFELINE, the new nutrition concept from Nannerl, takes effect. Backed up with decades
of experience and competence in nutritional forms for hospitals, nursing homes and large kitchens,
Nannerl has developed the LIFELINE assortment in cooperation with food technologists and dieticians.
LIFELINE ensures an age-appropriate diet and offers a wide range of products, which serve special
nutritional forms and easily implement into the daily nutrition plan. LIFELINE products are enriched,
visually and tastefully diverse and intense, vigorously seasoned and absolutely easy to handle. They
are only to be prepared with water and ready to serve.
The LIFELINE series offers a complete system with perfectly customized products (e.g. LIFELINE
milkshakes enriched or LIFELINE cream soups enriched) or a builder system with standard products
and food supplements (e.g. LIFELINE maltodextrin or LIFELINE L-Fiber in combination with Nannerl
cream soups), which allows you to supplement the menu and enrich existing dishes.
The main focus during the development of the LIFELINE series was not only uncomplicated handling
and a perfect match for an age-appropriate diet (e.g. by enrichment with vitamins and minerals or a high
dietary fiber content), but aslo a varied and versatile product range for a full day’s schedule as well.

Mug Pudding Semolina enriched & amylase resistantProtein 86 enriched milk proteinMilk Soup Vanilla flavour cold swellingL-Fiber dietary fibersMilkshake Banana flavour enriched