In addition to the high degree of product convenience and standardised products which are perfectly-suited to all kitchen technology challenges, we work together with our nutritional science divisions to develop solutions which are well-suited to all nutritional trends and meet all nutritional requirements as well as the standards of persons with exquisite taste.

Quality seals

Here, you see at a glance the suitabilities and characteristics of our products.

While cooking and frying you can
sprinkle in our instant products
directly into the liquid at any
temperature without clumping.


Products showing this seal are
also best suitable for preparing
sauces. The mixing ratio for
sauce is declared separately on
the box.


After the cooking process the
food will be chilled down in a
short time to storage temperature.
Before serving the food it
will be regenerated.


Products showing this seal do
not contain any added flavour enhancers.



Products with this seal are based
on ocolactovegetabile recipes
(purely made of vegetable ingredients,
milk products and eggs).


These products are free of the
14 main allergens (food labeling
regulation LMKV).



Products bearing this seal do
not contain any onions. In susceptible
individuals onions can
cause flatulence and abdominal


Lactose-free according to recipe.
Lactose can cause flatulence,
abdominal cramping or diarrhea.



Products labelled with this seal
are produced without gluten and
are best suitable for persons suffering
from an gluten sensitivity.


Nannerl’s organic products stand
for best quality, environmentally
compatible and sustainable produced,
without genetic engineering
and permanent quality control.